Sleeping On The Right Side

Have you ever wondered why you sleep on a certain side of the bed? I’ve read a few different discussions on this. Some having to do with power positions, some with familiarity, some with where your parents kept you as a baby.

What I’ve found most interesting is returning to a bed after awhile. Maybe it’s your high school bed when you’re home visiting parents, or you lived with someone for awhile and are back on your own. What I’ve noticed is that you crave the same position. Even if you slept on the opposite side for years.

I tend to switch sides when I’m on my own, and usually end up towards the middle of the bed. I’ve always wondered if we have some type of sleep muscle memory. Maybe our bodies remember every night of sleep, and the environment, even though our conscious brain doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping On The Right Side”

  1. I’ve equally that a thought in the past,
    Like you mentioned, it seems our body has just being trained to adapt to a particular side, The whole thing usually work magic.

    I also switches side a lot and i prefer sleeping on the right side of the bed.

    Thanks for airing your view.

    1. Thanks Theodore. It’s an analogy for a lot of other areas of life as well. I noticed I’ve been kind of bowing my head while I sleep which has been giving me neck pains – not sure when I started doing this or why, but it’s interesting to be aware of how we sleep. Our bodies do so many things without our knowing.

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