Go For A Walk

When was the last time you went for a walk? And I don’t mean walked somewhere specific, like to a store. Or walked with your cellphone out on a business call. I mean the opposite of these; a real walk.

It’s the middle of summer right now. And we all have a million things going on with work, and family, and friends. Juggling all these projects, or moving, or trying to close that next deal. What better time to take thirty minutes for yourself?

My challenge to you is to walk. Without bringing your phone. Without a specific destination. Just leave your front door and walk somewhere, either around the neighborhood or around work. Explore. **Without**a path in mind ahead of time. Resist that urge to mentally map your route. Please. Just move your feet, let the mind wander, let the day swoop you up. If it’s raining, put on some clothes that can get wet. If it’s sunny, put on a hat.

Just go. And remember to smile at people. Odds are, even in NYC, that they will smile back.