The Right Answer

There isn’t usually a “right” answer. At least not in the black and white terms we tend to think about it. There are two reasons why. One is time, the other is perspective.

As time passes, an answer that may have been the best for us in the short term is not in the long term. Think of food. We ponder over a menu and make a choice. Maybe that choice is the most delicious thing to eat there. Let’s say we act this way every time we eat out. We get the most delicious thing. A year later we are overweight and unhappy.

Time can change things with work too. Bartending can be incredibly fun. It can be an excellent short term job, or a way to make extra income when starting a career. But bartending for twenty or thirty years can lead lots of negatives as well. Many professions are like this.

Perspective, on the other hand, shifts with experience. Staying up late to party with friends can be fun. But, less so when you have a big sales presentation the next day. Or you have a sick kid.

What this all means is that making a quick decision, from the gut, is usually the best option we have. In that moment. If we live a long-term life, one where we focus on how our choices will impact us in the long run, we tend to be happiest. It’s not about resisting urges, its about accepting the choice to be happy. It’s about learning from mistakes and enjoying that process rather than dreading it.

None of us knows the future. We do get the chance to fix things and make similar decisions though. This is a blessing of humanity, and society, and modern life.